‘’Nowadays we live in a world where technology works very fast. We live in a world which become a global village just because of the internet. It has modernized our lives. It is very easy to connect with your loved ones. We are thankful for technology. Windows and printers are very helpful for us in this world of technology. We can make a print of an image just because of the printer.

All of you use computers for many purposes, some use for entertainment, some use for official purposes, and some use for educational purposes. But a computer did not work without a window. In your offices and educational institutes, all of you need a printer connected with your computer or laptops for printing important documents. Sometimes you have a default printer which you have to set in your computer window. But many of you don’t know ‘’ How To Set A Default Printer In Windows 10’’

But in this article, I will tell you how to set a default printer in your window 10. It seems very difficult but in actuality, it is very easy. Before starting  I want to tell you what a printer and window are.

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Windows is a collection of programs that are called operating systems (OS).  Windows control a personal computer. Without windows, we cannot be able to start a computer. The first version of Windows was introduced in the 1980s.

All of you use a printer in your daily life and you know it is a device that receives documents and graphic text from a computer. The printer transfers this information on paper. The best-known printers are inkjet printers and laser printers. The first printer was introduced in the 1800s.

In the above paragraph, I will tell you about printers. Now I will introduce you to the default printer. Most people use ordinary types of printers. But sometimes you need to print different types of documents for this purpose. The default printer is used.

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How To Set a Default Printer In Your Windows 10

In all the above information, I will tell you about printers and windows. Now I will tell you how you can set a default printer in your window 10.

Change Default Printer Using Settings

  • At first press, the Windows key on your clipboard or click the windows at the bottom left on your screen and then search ‘’printers’’
  • Then from your search tap ‘’scanners and printers’’
  • By clicking the check box at the bottom of your screen ‘’Allows windows to set my default printer’’
  • Then click on ‘’Select the device you want to make your default from the list of printers and scanners’’ and click on ‘’Manage’’
  • Then on the new screen click the option ‘’Set as default’’ and now this is your default printer.

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Change default Printer Using Notepad

One easiest way to change the default printer in window 10 is by using the Notepad app.

  • First open your notepad app and click on the desktop then select the New  Tex Documents option.
  • Next, select File Tab and click the print option in the drop-down menu.
  • In the next screen click on your desired printer and select Set as default printer. Now your printer is a default printer.
  • The selected printer will now be the default printer. Now you can do all print jobs going to your selected printer.

Change default printer using control panel

This is the third way to set your printer as the default in your window 10. It is also an easy way.

  • First, open the control panel to make sure that you are in category view, and Click on view devices and printers.
  • On the next screen from the menu click on your desired printer and click on set as default
  • After this, your windows 10 always sends commands to your default printer.

Benefits of default printers on window 10

For the best printing of your documents, you can use the default printer on your window 10. By using this your prints were very smooth and looked good. It will provide you with an easy and quick way to print documents.

  • One of the advantages is that this process to print material is very convenient.
  • The delivery of paper is secure.
  • Printed documents are easier to read than documents on text.
  • When we need a quick print option the print jobs will automatically be sent to your default printer.
  • This setup is beneficial for your office printer.
  • If you have multiple printers but you want to send commands to a specific one then this setup is best for you. If you set a specific printer then your commands will automatically to your chosen printer.
  • This will be really very helpful if you have a laptop which switches printers a lot.
  • By setting a default printer you don’t have to set the printer whenever you print documents.

Disadvantages of a default printer

The only disadvantage of a default printer is that you have to change the default printer whenever you have to take your office computer in the house or home computer in the office


The final result should be that you should set your printer as the default printer. You can set your printer as default very simply. It will be very helpful for you. It will save you time. After setting the default printer you Don’t have a need to set the printer whenever you print documents. Window 10 is good for this setup. It is most helpful for you in office and housework. You should use good quality ink for good printing. Personally, I like this setup of the software. It’s really helpful in daily routine printing work.

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