Ink for printers is divided into three categories: generic, remanufactured, and branded ink. Original equipment manufacturer ink is another name for branded ink.

Generic ink is frequently sold at a lesser cost than brand-name ink.  Many people do not know where to buy toner cartridges? So we will solve the question that you can buy this from our website.

Places to buy toner cartridges

Super image Ltd is the best online selling website for toner cartridges. It claims to sell ink cartridges for only $4.99. it also claims to offer discounts of up to 50% or more on name-brand printer inks. This includes a one-year money-back guarantee, something to think about if you are on a budget.

Super image Ltd has a live chat customer support representative who can answer your account questions. It has a large selection of printing supplies, such as paper, printer accessories, and 3D printing materials.
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What we buy

We accept purchasing a wide range of toners from well-known companies in various versions and models at super image Ltd. We sell toner cartridges from Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Hewlett Packard, Konica Minolta, Samsung, Xerox, Dell, Epson, Oki, and more manufacturers.

In terms of toner cartridges condition, we accept both new and unused OEM toner cartridges as well as old and unused OEM toner cartridges. Furthermore, we divided the state of toner cartridges into four categories:

  • A – Grade cartridges that are factory sealed and in perfect working order.
  • B – grade cartridges that are factory sealed, have a few box flaws and are packaged in the old-style packaging.
  • C – Grade cartridges that are factory sealed but have significant packing damage and an open box.
  • New factory sealed D-Grade cartridges that are not in their original boxes.

This gives you an idea of how precious the cartridges are and how much they might cost. However, any toner cartridge sold receives a suitable price, since we offer the most competitive pricing in the marketplace for you to sell your unwanted or unused toner cartridge inventory.

It is necessary to know how much is toner cartridge? The answer is the printer cartridge price is from 3000 to 13,208.

Toner and ink cartridge  

Toner and ink are similar to petrol and diesel. Although both are fuel kinds, they are employed in different engines. There are many questions in the mind of people for example is toner cheaper than ink cartridges?  The answer is no. toner cartridge is more expensive than an ink cartridge.

Toner cartridges are larger in size, which means they can carry more materials and print more pages. Toner cartridges are more cost-effective if you print frequently.

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TONER AND INK CARTRIDGEPrinter ink shortage

  The global supply of ink has been interrupted on several fronts, resulting in a printer ink shortage in 2021.  Many ethanol shipments were diverted and utilized to generate hand sanitizer and cleaning materials, particularly in the early days of the pandemic. Nowadays, this is a very important question: Why is there a shortage of printer cartridges.  Due to high demand and limited supply, certain ink manufacturers are restricted.

Sell ink cartridge

If you have a printer at home that is not useful for you then you can sell it on our website. It is a very effective way to earn money you can earn money easily with your useless cartridges. The site is simple to use. Simply select ‘’sell Us your empty printer cartridges’’ and complete the online ink cartridge selling form. You will fill out your personal information first, followed by the number of each type of cartridge you own.

Sell ink cartridgeConclusion

Ink cartridges or toner cartridges are used in any office and school. You can buy it from many online websites.  But the super image Ltd is the best online website to buy the online cartridge. The product will be best than any website. You can also sell your empty toner cartridges on super image Ltd. So you can earn money with your useless cartridge. A Toner cartridge is more expensive than an ink cartridge however the thing is the quality of the cartridge. The price varies in Pakistan. Nowadays the cartridges are short due to some reasons.


What’s the best way to get toner?

When purchasing toner cartridges, make sure the toner is of good quality. While it is impossible to judge a toner cartridge’s quality without actually using it in a printer, you may read customer reviews. Users who have used the cartridge before can leave a review. You can look over them to get a sense of the quality.

Is the cost of cartridges higher?

Its cost is different for different brands and qualities. Some higher brands may have high prices. It ranges from 3000 to 13000.  You will be very careful in buying the cartridge.

Is cartridge the same as a toner?

The ink cartridge contains liquid and it is used in ink printers while the toner cartridge is of powdery form and used in the laser printer.

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