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About Us

Who are We?

Super image Ltd is an online website where you can sell Printer Cartridges as well as your old unused ink cartridges and your unused toner cartridges. What we are buying here is all your stock which is useless for you, but we are here to pay for it. Does not it seem a good deal for you? Rather than discarding the waste Printer cartridges, sell unused toner to us and get the cashback online.

What makes us dominant in the market is our best rates which our clients are looking for. Do not look for another option when we are giving the best opportunity to sell the surplus amount of your ink cartridges or the toner cartridges.


Super Image Ltd is buying an enormous amount of:

  • Unused ink cartridges
  • New unused ink cartridges
  • Sealed Printer Cartridges
  • Filled toner cartridges
  • Printer ink cartridges
  • Hp Printer Cartridges
  • Unused toner cartridges

Giving you all the options, we are here to buy with good rates. Come Contact Us and share your stock with us, creating a long-term relationship. So, stop thinking and sell your extra stock online just in a few clicks

What our Clients Say

OEM HP Toners we are currently quoting for are listed below:

CF360x W2030A CF259X
CF361x W2031A CF287X
CF362x W2032A CF249X
CF363X W2033A CE255X

OEM Canon Toners we are currently quoting for are listed below:

C-EXV 21 C-EXV 13 C-EXV 34
C-EXV 28 C-EXV 28 C-EXV 26
C-EXV 29 C-EXV 33 C-EXV 8

OEM Lexmark Toners we are currently quoting for are listed below:

C925KG C925MG C520
C925CG CE500 C734DTN
C925YG C510 C734DTN

Contact Us

Please get in touch with us and share your stock with us.