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Sell your surplus printer Ink cartridges with superimageltd.co.uk and get cash within 24 hours. It is as fast as it can get. Our process is simple and smooth.

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Your satisfaction is our priority. We won’t force you into a deal with which you are not comfortable. Our customer service is what makes us dominant in the market.

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Our commitment is to respect your time and ensure your convenience. Our method is designed to be efficient and easy to navigate. You can swiftly get a quote and finalize the sale with minimal effort. Our goal is to provide a smooth and stress-free selling process for you.

Get the best rate

We analyze your product and provide the most accurate quote in the market. You can tell us your expectation and we will give you the most reasonable rate.

What our Clients Say

Enhance Your Printing Setup Now!

We offer you a variety of choices and are eager to purchase at attractive prices. Contact us to discuss your inventory and build a lasting partnership. Don’t hesitate – easily sell your ink cartridge online with just a few clicks.

WHAT WE BUY for Cash? 

Super Image Ltd is buying an enormous amount of:
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We Save you more than just Money!

Save for the future

Turn unused ink cartridges into a revenue stream with us. Whether it's funding office improvements or new projects, your unused ink cartridges can be a source of unexpected income.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Make an eco-friendly choice by selling your ink cartridges to us. This ensures that cartridges with remaining life are used to their full potential, rather than contributing to landfill waste.

Free Space

Free up space in your office by selling those ink cartridges that are just gathering dust. This not only cleans up your storage areas but also makes room for supplies that are in active use.

Financial Returns

Selling your unused ink cartridges to us can bring significant financial returns, ranging from £10 to £300 per cartridge. This is an easy way to reduce overhead costs and add to your bottom line.

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    So, your troubles regarding where I can sell unused ink cartridges are resolved now. We have created a platform to sell unused ink cartridges online. You do not need to go somewhere else; come and sell your old and new ink cartridges here.

    Since we are familiar with paying with your credit card or cash, We have found a solution to this problem. If you are residing in the U.K, you can sell unused ink cartridges for cash. It is not a big problem now.

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    We have created a platform to sell unused ink cartridges online. You do not need to go somewhere else; come and sell your old and new ink cartridges here.

    Prices would vary depending on the category of the cartridge. Every cartridge is different, which is why we pay different rates for every cartridge.

    You visit our website, find our contact info and contact us. We will analyze your toner and then give you a quote. If you like the offer you can sell your surplus printer ink and toner cartridges with superimageltd.co.uk and get cash!

    We pay well and pay fast; we process payment through multiple methods. We always try to process and make payment within 1 working day of receiving your toner. Our Payment methods include:

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