It’s no secret that you may get cash for your unused toner cartridges. Even if it’s the right thing to do and recycle your toner cartridges for free, a little extra cash doesn’t hurt. You have the option of selling online, where many companies provide free shipping, or in person. In this article we read about How do I sell unused toner cartridges

It’s a good idea to sell your unused toner cartridges. It saves you money while also reducing waste. However, there are some factors to consider before selling your overstock ink and toner cartridges.

You’ll need to look over your supplies to see what they’re worth if anything at all. At the very least, you’ll need to know how to keep any unused ink cartridges safe in case you want to sell them for a profit.

In any case, this tutorial will assist you in doing so. On the market, there are an unlimited number of brands and varieties of toner cartridges. And, to be honest, they aren’t all top-of-the-line items. As a result, you must determine whether your toner cartridges meet the highest allowable quality.

Toner quality

Toner cartridges with a quality rating are only unused, unopened, and unopened toner cartridges with no damage to the box. The purchase costs for this quality level can be found in the column Original surplus of our buy price list for the most common items.

Toner cartridges with a quality rating of B are ones that are new and in their original packing, but the packaging has been damaged. Please use the inquiry form to request the purchasing pricing for this quality level.

Quality level C refers to cartridges that have been opened but are still sealed or welded. Regardless of the remaining quantity, used cartridges are classified as empty.

Reasons to sell unused toner

Stocking up on toners or printer cartridges is a good idea for a variety of reasons. In order to keep work moving smoothly, a higher quantity of office supplies must constantly be in stock, especially in offices or large enterprises. Most original printer cartridges or toners are so expensive that buying a bigger quantity of unused toners is well worth it because of the volume discount. It’s worth buying for private houses as well as businesses because many internet retailers are happy to offer extremely substantial discounts on bigger amounts.

How does sales work?

It’s simple to sell toners and printer cartridges. Enter the number of printer cartridges or unused toners in the website’s request form. Please also include the manufacturer and condition of the toners or cartridges. The condition is divided into three categories, with information regarding each category available directly on the inquiry form. You can print out the form and fax it or send it straight via e-mail after entering your name and address. Please note that the company only buys original printer cartridges and toners that have never been used. The offer from the company will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as possible.

You can also use the purchase price list to find out the price of individual toners, both original and unused toners. To do so, go to the pricing list and search for the article and manufacturer number of the toner you want to sell by clicking on the brand emblem of your old printer. The current purchase price can be found in the appropriate column on the right. Simply click the add button and place your toner in the sales trolley if you wish to sell it. Enter the number of toners you want to sell in the sales cart, and the total purchase price will be displayed.

If you accept the offer and want to sell your unwanted toners or cartridges, properly wrap your printer cartridges or unused toners and send them to the company.


There’s no denying that there’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to profit from unused toners. A new revenue source and lower printing costs are only two of the numerous benefits.

  • However, before you sell your ink and toner cartridges, you must first determine how much they are worth and who is prepared to pay the most for them.
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges are the highest quality toners available, t
  • The higher the price you may get for your factory-sealed boxes, the better the condition they are in.
  • You will receive a more accurate quote for your ink supplies if you include your toner model number.
  • The price of repurchase will vary depending on the company.


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