Where Can I Get Cheap Ink?

Where Can I Get Cheap Ink?

Spending a clump of cash every time your printer runs out of ink or you find out that it has been expired, is not always possible. As a consequence, buying high-quality and expensive OEM ink might disturb your budget. The only choice left is to buy the cheap ink to carry on the work within the financial limits without wasting money. 

And, thus, the question arises: where can I get cheap ink? 

You can get cheap generic ink from the following stores and brands: 

  • 499inks
  • Amazon 
  • Best Buy 
  • Carrot Ink 
  • 4 inkjets 
  • 123inkjets 

Let’s go into the details of what quality ink they sell and what price. 


This online store is known for selling cheap ink, inkjets and cartridges. Following are the advantages you can get from this store: 

  • It sells ink for just $4.99. That’s why it is named 499inks. 
  • Moreover, you can also get a one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
  • They also don’t compromise the quality of the ink. You can get high-quality and high-capacity ink from them. 
  • They also sell original ink of different brands like Epson, HP, Samsung, Canon, Brother, etc. 
  • While buying the original brand ink, they offer 50% savings discounts. 


Amazon is the largest selling store for several products. It also has a huge catalogue of inks of different brands, not only to maintain the quality of the inks but also to retain their prices at affordable ranges. You can get the following types of inks on amazon: 

  • Greenbox remanufactured ink 
  • HP 952 in all colors 
  • Canon PG 
  • HP 67, HP 61, etc 
  • Original HP ranges 
  • Inktopia remanufactured ink 
  • Ejet Remanufactured ink 
  • Epson t252 ink 

Other than these hundreds of different coloured and branded inks are available. You can choose any that fits your budget best. 

Best Buy 

The best buy gives you the facility of buying a wide range of inks at different prices. Not only generic ink but also remanufactured ink and branded inks are also listed on Buy Best. 

  • With the purchase of every dollar, Best Buy membership helps you earn points. 
  • After earning 250 points, best buy will give you a certificate of $5. Hence, you will be able to make more purchases for a dollar you earn. 
  • Moreover, you can get more perks and discounts with every purchase. 

Carrot Ink 

Carrot Ink deals with many popular and leading brands such as Samsung, Dells, Canon, Brother, Kodak, Lexmark, and HP, etc. You can get cheap and high-quality remanufactured ink from Carrot Ink. Their remanufacturing technology is no less than the OEM producing premium blended ink. This ink gives you the advantage of crisp printing producing sharp and fade-resistant prints. 

  • Not only remanufactured ink, but generic and compatible inks to your printers are arranged on Carrot Ink 
  • You can save 75% money on purchases. 
  • Moreover, they also give a 1-year money-back guarantee 

4 Inkjets 

Thinking of buying compatible ink for your printer and also want to avail yourself discounts? Must consider 4 Inkjets. With the cheapest ink prices, you can also get other printer accessories like refill kits, toners, cartridges, etc. you can get all of the things up to 75% discounts. 

  • They give a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee for the compatible inks. 
  • Moreover, their inks are manufacture in a way that gives flawless printing at low prices 
  • On maximum purchases, coupons, codes and different payment methods are also available that help to secure your money by getting more discounts. 

123 Inkjets 

In this store, you can find links to your choice of brand, compatible printer and your budget suiting prices. With the remanufactured inks, OEM inks are also available that give reliable printing performance. The featured brands for this store are HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Dell, Samsung, Xerox, Oki data, Panasonic, and others etc. 

  • The other facility you can avail is of free shipping for orders over $55. 
  • Secure money by getting several payment methods options like PayPal and Amazon Pay. 

Bottom Line 

Need and Use of ink will never be replenished so far until printers and paperwork are in use. But it’s quite difficult to buy ink on a regular basis to continue your work because as compared to printers or cartridges, ink is more expensive. At the same time, if you choose to buy cheap ink, you have to consider in view the other factors like 

  • Is the ink compatible with your printer? 
  • How long will this last? 
  • Is this of good quality? 

You also cannot compromise on such questions. So, for this, the listed above brands and companies sell good quality ink at quite an affordable price.


Are there specific websites for cheap ink purchases?

Yes, consider checking out online retailers like 123Inkjets or Inkfarm for cost-effective ink solutions.

Can I save money by buying ink in bulk?

Absolutely, purchasing ink cartridges in bulk often provides substantial savings per unit.

Are there any seasonal discounts for printer ink?

Keep an eye out for back-to-school and holiday sales, as they often feature discounted ink prices.

How can loyalty programs help me get cheap ink?

Enroll in loyalty programs offered by office supply stores to earn discounts on future ink purchases.

Any tips for finding cheap ink locally?

Check local electronics retailers, supermarkets, and office supply stores for in-store promotions on printer ink.

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