How to Put Ink In An HP Printer?

You might encounter print quality issues like faded ink when your printer ink cartridge runs low on ink. Of course, it would affect your work tempo if you face it during a task. You will receive a notification in your printer that it is out of ink. In order to avoid print quality issues, replace your ink cartridge.

But, how to put ink in an HP printer?

Start with pulling out the ink from the printer, bring out the current ink cartridge from the ink tray, take out the new ink cartridge from the box, and place the new one.

Let’s have a comprehensive approach. 

How to Put Ink In An HP Printer?

1st Step: Sliding out the ink tray:

  • If you own an HP printer, then there might be a document stack. Underneath which is an ink tray. Slide-out the ink tray:
  • Ensure that your printer is powered on and plugged in. to slide out the ink tray, it is foremost that your printer is powered on.
  • As you slide out the tray, ink cartridges will come into view.
  • For a few HP printers, there is a cover that needs to be pulled to get to the ink cartridges section.

2nd Step: Bringing out the current ink cartridge

  • You are required to get rid of current ink cartridges first.
  • Depress on the ink cartridge that you want to bring out. It will eject the ink cartridge from the ink tray.
  • As soon as you hear the sound of a click and see the ink cartridge protrude. You will pick it out.
  • If you own an HP printer that requires different ink cartridges for different colors, then you will pull out the same procedure. Just dislodge each ink cartridge one by one.

3rd Step: Unload new ink cartridge from the box

  • Split open your box packaging to get a new ink cartridge.
  • Your ink cartridge will either possess a blue label or a black label. Except for the fact that your printer needs different ink cartridges for different colors. So, the blue one is colored ink and the black one is black.
  • Pull out the plastic tab from the ink cartridge. It is used for protection purposes.
  • Consider not to come in contact with the copper-colored area. It can cause print quality issues, clogging, or ink failure, if your fingerprints streak the section.

4th Step: Place the new ink cartridge

  • Now is the time to finally place your new ink cartridge into the tray. Make sure that the ink nozzles appear the other way.
  • As the ink nozzles should be on the other way. The two tags present on the top of the cartridge should face you.
  • The black ink cartridge should be placed on the left side. While the color ink cartridge should be fit on the right side.

5th Step: Shut the ink tray

  • As soon as you set ink cartridges in the ink tray.
  • Shut the ink tray and you will hear the noise of them as they get fixed. 


As your printer gets depleted of ink, it will cause problems like clogging, faded ink, low-quality print-outs, and so on. To successfully install new cartridges in your printer, you should follow the above-mentioned procedure.


Can I use third-party ink cartridges?

While it’s possible, we recommend using genuine HP ink for optimal performance.

What should I do if the ink cartridge is not recognized?

Ensure it’s compatible, clean the contacts, and restart the printer.

Is it normal for the printer to prompt an ink replacement?

Yes and replace ink when prompted to maintain print quality.

Where can I find the ink levels on my HP printer?

Check ink levels on the printer control panel or through the HP software on your computer.

Can I refill ink cartridges myself?

It is possible but it’s recommended to use genuine HP ink for optimal results and avoid potential issues.


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