[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Printer ink is very well-known for its dearness. It is found to be more costly than the printer itself. As its price can stand with the worth of the printer, you would want to snatch every single drop.

The question sits, “how to make printer ink last longer?

Some working techniques that can extend the life of ink can be, preventing big fonts, analyzing your work before print, altering your printer setting, considering entail printing, utilizing print preview, going for black and white print, and so on.

Let’s get into a comprehensive approach.

Prevent big fonts and bolds

Using big fonts and bold could consume more ink as compared to small fonts and plain text. Therefore, you can save your printer ink by not using big and bold fonts. Try using Arial and new courier fonts; they are considered ink penny-pinching fonts.

Analyze your work before print

Proofreading should be implemented to make sure there aren’t any typos or writing errors. Use spell check and grammar software before you start to print. 

Alter your printer setting

Printers are intentionally adjusted to default settings like guzzle ink. And fortunately, it is not very demanding to alter your printer’s settings. Just get your printer default settings updated. If you own a laptop with a windows operating system, you can come after these steps:

  • Go to the start menu and search printers.
  • Right-click on the printers. And select preferences.
  • Altering the print quality to blueprint.
  • Look for a “grayscale printer” to prevent color printing.
  • Select “document options” to go for multiple documents per sheet.

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Consider entail printing

In this digital era, people do not prefer printing each document like a letter, invoice, etc. so, it is better to avoid generating bulk prints as it will preserve your ink cartridge for longer. Also, try to prevent printing ads and additional pictures that are being positioned on the page you are going to print. You can avoid it by searching online sites that offer such services.

Utilize print preview

You can get rid of hustle, by making use of print preview. Before printing a web page, make sure the web page fits well on your print-to-be page. This way, you can correct your issues in printing.

Go for black and white print

You can save your ink cartridge and toner supply by choosing black and white print too. Colored ink is utilized in making black prints, but your ink supply toner could be conserved from wastage.

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How to snatch the very last drop from your ink cartridge?

Your printer signaling that it is low on ink? Well, probably not. When your printer sends such notifications, you need to ignore them and still make use of it. Because research showed that printers still carry 8-45% of ink even when they say “I am out of ink”. There are some ways in which you can successfully utilize the very last drop of your ink cartridge. 

Wiping of printhead

Suffering from banded printing? It is not related to ink deficiency in any way. You might want to end this problem by using the cleaning printhead option to get over the stripy ink from your printed paper. There are other ways too to do so, but it is the handiest way to avoid streaky printing.

Consider shaking the cartridge

As you feel that your ink cartridge is running low on ink. All you can do is just take out your cartridge and shake it a bit carefully without breaking it. Because the spouts present in cartridges can sometimes get clogged.

Hairdryer technique

Other than shaking your cartridge, use the final drop of your ink cartridge. You can get along with hair technique too by clearing out the nozzle blockage. Because the nozzle can get choked sometimes and need to be unclogged.


  • Is it possible that your printer ink will dry up if you do not use it?

Of course, the printer ink can dry up if you do not make use of it. To avoid it, you might need to print something every week to keep it working.

  • Can you still print if one of the cartridges is empty?

You can still print if one cartridge is out of ink, by altering your printer setting. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in new printers so you are forced to buy more ink to make it work.

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As printer ink is renowned for its overpricing, you probably would want to worth every penny you spent on your ink. This can be possible if you come after the discussed methods. You can also employ the very last drop of your ink cartridge by following some simple rules. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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