How to reset toner on Brother Printer

How to reset toner on Brother Printer

Typically used in offices and schools, printers accept text files and images from computers and print those onto paper or film. A network may or may not be used to connect the device directly to the computer.

In today’s world printers are very important for school, college, and official work in offices. Now there are many brands used in the world for printing i.e. HP Printers and Brother Printers. Here we will explore one of these printers which are Brother Printers and also discuss how to reset toner on Brother Printer.

Brother Printer 

In addition to printing black and white documents, color charts and brochures, and basic photo prints, a Brother all-in-one printer is an excellent choice for multipurpose printing in a home or small office.

In order to get the best results, Brother strongly recommends only using original drum units and toner cartridges. Every Brother laser printer is designed to run at a specific temperature, which coincides with the toner formulations. Quality and reliability are guaranteed by the way each component works together. 

It is possible to adversely affect hardware performance, print quality, and reliability of the machine by using non-Brother supplies. Third-party drums, toner cartridges, or other parts do not qualify for the Brother Limited Warranty.


Printers and copiers use toner, which is a type of special ink. A powdered, dry substance, it adheres to paper or drum plates by electrically charging them in order to do so.

For the first time ever, toner powder lasts longer than conventional printer ink. This method is also preferable when many text documents must be printed.

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Toner works in what way?

Toner is a granular plastic powder that is stored in a cartridge and allows for greater control and accuracy. The way of a toner to work is given below:

  • In a printing process, the charged drum collects and transfers toner powder to paper.
  • The paper is heated in the final step so that the toner particles melt and your print properly sets.
  • Due to the lasers’ ability to imprint the drum’s electrostatic charge, this is called a “laser printer.”

How did you get the notification of Toner replacement?

Toner replacement is indicated by the message “Replace Toner”. A new toner cartridge should be purchased for this purpose. You will need a new Brother TN420 or TN450 Toner Cartridge to clear the “Replace Toner” message.

The “Replace Toner” status must be reset by inserting a new, unused original Brother Toner cartridge when replacing the toner cartridge. Install only TN starter cartridges that come with the machine and not any used cartridges.

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Resetting a Brother Toner cartridge

The Brother brand, among many others, sends a warning message when the ink or toner level is low. Most of the time, it occurs too early, with plenty of toners still remaining in the cartridge. This alert message can be removed by replacing the toner cartridge, according to Brother.

By resetting a used Brother toner cartridge, you can experience its appearance as if it were a brand new one, so you can use it longer without your printer pestering you for a replacement.

You need to know how to reset a toner in brother printer. Here are the steps are given below to make you relieved from this situation.

  1. Taking the first step, to turn the Brother printer on, click the “Power” button. Once the printer was turned off, turn it back on.
  2. Secondly, what to do is Press both “Secure Print” and “Cancel” simultaneously once you lift the printer cover. Normally, Secure Print and Cancel buttons are positioned between the OK and Go buttons.
  3. The three-Step process begins by displaying the toner color list on the printer by pressing the “+” button. The “+” button is typically on the right side of the LCD screen at the top of the directional pad.
  4. This is the fourth step in which you can reset a color by scrolling down the list and highlighting it.
  5. The fifth step, the final step, reset the color by clicking “OK”. Reset the other colors by repeating the process.

A toner printer’s advantages

In this section, we will examine some of the advantages of printer toners.

Affordability for high-volume users

Laser printers and printer toners have the major advantage of reducing recurring supply costs and minimizing waste. Purchasing a laser printer is typically more expensive than buying an inkjet printer initially.

Toner powder is much more affordable over time than ink, which is still relatively expensive to refill or replace. Inkjet cartridges often need to be refilled or replaced before they’ve gone completely dry, so this makes them more efficient and less wasteful.

If you plan on printing lengthy documents or drafts, laser printers are a good choice, whereas ink can handle anything else you need. If you find yourself with a variety of unplanned or variable printing needs for your office or profession, a compact HP LaserJet paired with a mini-inkjet printer could be just the thing for you.

Enhanced print quality

Even though Inkjet still offers great quality and precision prints, laser printing promises better accuracy and reliability thanks to its technology and toner.

When you use toner, you won’t have to worry about bleeds or smudges like you might with ink. This can help you achieve better print quality and consistency when working on large print jobs.Improved print speeds

Another reason why toner printers are so desirable for high-volume printing is that they’re typically much faster than inkjets.

Additionally, you won’t have to wait around while it takes care of large jobs since they are fast enough to handle big jobs while saving you money on all printer supplies.

There are several models that offer particularly fast print speeds, some exceeding 50 pages per minute.


It is normal for printers to warn you when they run low on ink or toner. Despite still having plenty of toner remaining in the cartridge, you will receive this alert soon.

The resetting of a used Brother Printer toner cartridge, however, makes the cartridge appear as a new one to your printer. It is the most affordable and improved printer with enhanced printing quality and speed.


Is there a specific sequence to reset the toner on a Brother Printer?

Yes, follow the sequence: Press Menu, then select ‘Machine Info,’ next ‘Reset Menu,’ and finally ‘Reset Toner.’

Can I reset the toner without accessing the printer’s control panel?

No, resetting the toner on a Brother Printer requires accessing the control panel and following the designated steps.

Why is it essential to reset the toner on my Brother Printer?

Resetting the toner ensures accurate toner level readings and avoids printing errors, ensuring optimal print quality.

What should I do if the toner reset process doesn’t work?

If the reset fails, ensure you followed the steps correctly. If issues persist, consult your printer manual or contact Brother Printer support.

Does resetting toner affect the printer’s warranty or performance?

Resetting toner as per manufacturer guidelines doesn’t void the warranty and maintains the printer’s performance standards.

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