[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Anyone with unused or used ink cartridges might feel that it is enticing to throw them away when they are no longer of use. Some people prefer to make a stack of them or just keep adding them in a drawer.

 But, then some people think “what to do with unused ink cartridges?

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The point being. The most accountable and viable solution to this question is ‘recycling’ and it has become handier than ever”

You will be able to recycle them through:

  •       Depositing them in a nearby retailing store.
  •       Dispatching them using mail.
  •       Utilizing non-profit organizations to recycle them.

 Why recycling?

What actually happens when we do not put our ink cartridges through recycling? The answer is, that you will simply add them to the landfill by discarding them in the trash bin. Implying, it will be the cause of pollution and risk for our ecosystem.

 According to the surveys by National geographic, only 9% of ink cartridges are recycled. It takes almost 400 years for the earth to disintegrate those ink cartridges. While, only 12% of ink cartridges are cremated, which implies that it becomes possible to expand plastic contingency.

 Taking no further steps to participate in reducing plastic pollution can aggravate the condition. We should take steps from today by learning how to manage our new goods and how to dispose of them.

How to recycle unused ink cartridges?

How to recycle unused ink cartridges?
How to recycle unused ink cartridges?

It doesn’t matter if you purchase ink cartridges through an online store or buy it from a nearby store, recycling them has become much easier.

 Recycle them off in a nearby retailer

Walmarts, office depot, best buy, and staples are the prominent retailers that are participating in the recycling of ink cartridges. To find a reliable and nearby retailer you can use online apps to locate them easily.

As soon as you get into the store, you will notice several recycling units. If you fail to find them you can ask from the help desk. However, you won’t be credited with any cash for disposing of them. But, you are playing a part from your side to save the earth.

Dispatch them off using mail

Another option is you can dispatch your ink cartridges through the mail and send them back to the company. There should be an enclosed envelope for this purpose in your initial packaging. If you do not find it you can look for it online by reaching the manufacturer’s site.

 As soon as you reach their page, you will be inquired about your purpose. Whether you want to print or order. As you are having a great number of ink cartridges to recycle you will select the option for order.

 You will be required to fill out a form regarding your contact and mailing info. Following that the company representative will send postage-paid mailing material for you to dispose of them.

 Utilizing ink cartridges assortment units to recycle

This is the last option to go for. Ink cartridges assortment units need to be maintained with care. They come with the package and can be sent back with empty ink cartridges, to recycle. Using this kit, we can also recycle other printing stuff easily. But, this opportunity is only available for commercial customers at the moment.

How to reach the kit:

  •       Access your printer’s door and drop the latches.
  •       Take off the kit while making sure that any other cartridge doesn’t get displaced.
  •       Now put the kit gently into the furnished plastic bag that is supplied with the kit.
  •       Following that, place this plastic bag into the kit box for shipment.

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What is the most suitable nearby recycling?

Some retailing offices have a drop-off bin when you enter. Other retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Target also take part in recycling.

What can be done to an old printer?

You can either recycle it, donate or sell it through online sites.

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If you are frustrated overthinking what to do with unused ink cartridges. Then you should go for recycling as it is the best reliable option to avoid landfills and pollution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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