It must be easy to stack old ink cartridges when you own more than one printer. You won’t want to throw them away as they will only add to the landfill. Meanwhile, refilling them is also a freaking task. So, you keep assembling them in your drawer unwittingly. While doing so, you must have thought “what to do with old ink cartridges?”

You can recycle your old ink cartridges in the following ways: deposit your ink cartridges at a local supply store, recycle them using a nearby recycling facility, or the least you could do is refill them.

Carry on with this article, to make the right call. Whether to recycle it or not.

Deposit your ink cartridges at a local supply store

Most of the retailers at your office local supply store won’t mind taking back your used ink cartridges. Check online local supply stores in your town and see if they have a policy of taking back old cartridges. 

Search for a local supply store

You can find local supply stores easily by searching the web. Other than ink cartridges you can, you can recycle several products from these supply stores. Furthermore, you can visit this online store, and sell your ink cartridges or toners without any complications.

Contemplate refilling your old ink cartridges

If you own a branded ink cartridge, and you have only consumed it once. Then, try refilling it rather than thinking of recycling it. You can use refill kits to refill the ink cartridges safely and cleanly. Refill kits usually consist of ink bottles, syringes, gloves, screw tools, and a refilling guide. Start by introducing a considerate amount of ink into the cartridge. Once it is done, you can begin using the printer.  Just be careful while purchasing refill kits, they should be compatible with your printer’s ink cartridges and ink capacity.

Why is it mandatory to recycle ink cartridges?

There’s no better option other than recycling your toner or ink cartridge. Because this way you can aid in the biosphere by not spreading pollution. Meanwhile, if you choose to throw away your ink cartridges it will only add to the landfill.

According to national geographic, only 9% of plastic out of 100% is recycled. It takes a great deal of time to disintegrate these plastics naturally and 12% of the plastic is carbonized which is also harmful to humans as well as the environment.

If you do not take a step today, it will aggravate the issue and it will become challenging to deal with 8 million metric tons of plastics. It will also interfere with our water supply units and sewerage system. Get along with crucial measures that demand to get hold of to bring a change. See what you are purchasing and in what manner dealing with your litter.

You can sell your unused ink cartridges too. Click here.


While stacking the pile of your used ink cartridges around the corner of your room, you could feel the frustration. To overcome this frustration, you might want to follow the instructions mentioned in this article. So, by the end of this article, we come to know about the importance of recycling ink cartridges. And how one can contribute to saving the environment and biodiversity from ruthless pollution. Hence, it turns out that throwing away your old ink cartridges can never be a good idea.

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