Encountering a paused printer while doing important print tasks can be frustrating. The ability to promptly resume printing operations is crucial for seamless productivity. Understanding why a printer pauses and knowing how to unpause a printer is essential for uninterrupted printing. 

This printer task continuation guide will explore the common reasons behind printer pausing, provide troubleshooting steps, and offer detailed solutions to get your printer back on track.

Reasons for Printer Pausing

When a printer freezes or pauses, it halts ongoing print tasks. Unfreezing a paused printer involves identifying the root cause, whether it’s a software glitch or an issue with the print queue, and taking the necessary steps to resume printing.

Paper Jams Causing Pauses

Paper jams, a common nuisance in printing, often serve as the primary cause behind printer pauses. These interruptions occur when sheets of paper become misaligned or get stuck within the printer, disrupting its functionality and causing printing to come to a halt.

Resolving paper jams causing pauses necessitates a methodical approach. Careful inspection of the printer, focusing on the paper path and internal components, is essential.

This process typically involves accessing the printer’s various compartments, removing jammed paper carefully, and ensuring that no torn bits remain within the printer’s mechanisms. 

Low Ink Levels

How to Unpause a Printer

When a printer detects critically low ink levels, it strategically initiates a pause to prevent potential degradation in print quality. This proactive measure aims to maintain optimal printing standards and avoid producing faded or uneven prints that may result from insufficient ink.

Resolving pauses triggered by low ink levels necessitates swift action in refilling or replacing the ink cartridges. Promptly attending to these depleted cartridges ensures the continuous availability of ink during the printing process.

By replacing or refilling toner and ink cartridges on time, users can circumvent further interruptions and maintain a consistent print quality throughout their printing tasks.

Connectivity Problems Disrupting Printing

Connectivity issues, whether related to cables, Wi-Fi, or network connections, are common causes of printer pauses. Troubleshooting these connectivity problems disrupting printing is crucial. This involves verifying connections, addressing network-related issues, and ensuring a stable connection for uninterrupted printing operations.

Each of these factors plays a significant role in causing printer pauses. Understanding and addressing these issues promptly ensures smooth and uninterrupted printing operations.

Checking Printer Status

Checking the status of your printer involves both physical and software inspections to ensure smooth printing operations.

Physical Inspection

A comprehensive physical inspection of your printer is fundamental to detecting potential hindrances. Visually examine the printer for any indications of paper jams, misfeeds, or obstructions within the paper path. 

Clearing these blockages meticulously is essential to prevent further interruptions in the printing workflow. Additionally, verifying the availability of an adequate supply of paper and ink is vital. Depleted resources, such as low ink levels or insufficient paper, often trigger pauses in printing. 

Therefore, maintaining ample reserves of paper and ink prevents interruptions caused by depleted resources and fosters uninterrupted printing operations.

Software Status

Assessing the software status of the printer involves accessing the print queue or printer software on your computer. Review any error messages, alerts, or pending print jobs that might have caused the printer to pause.

Identifying and addressing these software-related issues promptly is crucial to reactivating a paused printer. Resolving error messages, clearing pending print jobs, or troubleshooting software glitches are essential steps toward resuming printing tasks seamlessly.

By conducting thorough physical inspections and meticulously addressing software-related issues, users can ensure the smooth functioning of their printers. This proactive approach minimizes interruptions, fosters uninterrupted printing processes, and maintains efficient printing workflows.

Unpausing a Printer

When faced with a paused printer, knowing the steps to continue printing is essential to resume your print tasks seamlessly.

Resume Printing from Computer

To resume printing from your computer, access the print queue where the paused print job is located. Right-click on the paused print job and select “Resume” or a similar option to initiate the continuation of the printing task.

How to Unpause a Printer

Clearing Print Jobs

Clearing any stuck or pending print jobs within the print queue is crucial. Cancel these jobs to eliminate any obstructions and restart the printer. This action helps in clearing the print queue and enables smooth printing operations.

Checking Connectivity

Ensuring the printer’s proper connectivity to the computer or network is vital. Verify the connections and troubleshoot any connectivity issues that might have led to the printer pause. A stable connection is essential for uninterrupted printing tasks.

Printer-Specific Solutions

Different printer brands and models may have unique printer job continuation steps or features when it comes to unpausing. Below are instructions for unpause methods tailored to common printer brands/models:

HP Printers

  • Resume from Computer: Access the print queue on your PC, right-click on the paused print job, and choose “Resume.”
  • Check Printer Status: On the printer’s control panel, navigate to “Jobs” or “Queue” and select the paused job, then press “Resume” or “Start.”

Canon Printers

  • Resume Printing from PC: Open the print queue, locate the paused job, and select “Resume” or “Restart.”
  • Printer Control Panel: On the printer’s display, select the paused job and tap “Resume” to continue printing.

Epson Printers

  • Resume Using Software: Access the print queue or Epson printer software on your computer to resume the paused print job.
  • Printer’s LCD Screen: Navigate to “Print Jobs” or “Queue” on the printer’s screen and select the paused job to resume printing.

Brother Printers

  • Resume via Control Panel: On the computer, access the print queue and resume the paused job. On the printer, select the job and press “Start” or “Resume.”
  • Printer’s LCD Display: Navigate to “Print Jobs” on the printer’s screen and select the paused job to resume printing.

Samsung Printers

  • Software Resumption: Access the print queue on your computer and resume the paused job using the Samsung printer software.
  • Printer’s Control Panel: On the printer’s display, select the paused job and press “Resume” or similar options to continue the printing process.

Unique Features and Tips:

  • Wireless Printers: For wireless printers, ensure a stable connection between the printer and the network. Troubleshoot any connectivity issues using the printer’s settings to prevent pauses due to connectivity problems.
  • Touch Screen Models: Printers equipped with touch screen displays may offer direct on-screen options to resume paused jobs. Navigate the touchscreen menu to find and select the “Resume” or “Continue” option.

Printer Manual and Online Resources: Your Go-To Guides

When faced with printer issues like pauses, seeking guidance from the printer manual and online resources proves immensely beneficial for troubleshooting and finding model-specific solutions.

Consult the Printer Manual

The printer manual serves as a comprehensive guide, offering detailed instructions tailored to your printer model. It includes troubleshooting steps, maintenance guidelines, and specific features unique to your device. Refer to the manual to understand how to unpause a printer or any other printing-related problems effectively.

Online Resources, Forums, and Manufacturer’s Website

Exploring online resources, forums, or the manufacturer’s website expands your troubleshooting horizon. Manufacturers often provide extensive support sections on their websites, containing FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and downloadable resources like driver updates or diagnostic tools.


In essence, knowing how to unpause a printer is pivotal for maintaining smooth printing operations. Addressing both hardware and software issues is key to resolving printer pauses effectively. 

By comprehensively understanding the underlying causes and following the outlined steps tailored to various printers, users can efficiently unpause their printers and resume printing tasks seamlessly. 

Remember, a proactive approach to printer maintenance ensures uninterrupted and efficient printing experiences.


Why does my printer say it’s paused?

Printers may pause due to paper jams or low ink; resolve the issue and restart printing.

Is there a shortcut to unpause my printer?

Yes, you can go to the “Devices and Printers” menu, find your printer, and click “Resume Printing.”

What should I do if my printer stays paused?

Check for error messages, clear any print queue issues, and restart both the printer and the computer.

Can a network issue cause a printer to pause?

Yes, ensure your printer is connected to the network and troubleshoot any connectivity problems.

Does restarting the print spooler unpause the printer?

Restarting the print spooler is a common method to resolve printer pause issues so try it via the computer’s services menu.

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