Toner Is Not Dead: Why Toner Still Matters

If you are one of those who are wondering why is print still important? Why print is not dead? Is commercial print dead? Is print making a comeback? Then you are at the perfect spot. So for your better understanding, we have structured this article revolving around the query of Toner Is Not Dead: Why Toner Still Matters.

However, it is easy to believe that paper advertising is extinct in today’s digital age. But print is important! Print advertising is still very much alive and well!

Whereas the above assumption may be correct, to suggest that print advertising is gone is an exaggeration.

Do we still see advertisements in magazines and newspapers? That suggests that print advertising is still alive and well.

Toner Is Not Dead: Why Toner Still Matters

Why print is not dead?

Despite all of the bad forecasts and mistrust, printed media remains alive and well.

Furthermore, it is still the number one marketing platform in various industries.


We have decided to investigate further to discover how research and facts support these big claims! Print matters!

Why print is not dead?

What is Print media?

To grasp the general idea of print media we have to understand that any words or text that appears in printed form on paper or another medium is referred to as print media. Newspapers, billboards, and adverts pasted on the sides of buses are all examples of this.

Moreover, books, magazines, and newspapers were the first mass-market formats for printed media, and they still have a high level of reader confidence.

While you “can’t believe everything you read,” even in print media, there are various reasons why people trust the medium.

Is print media dying? Not. While digital media is less expensive and easier to produce and disseminate, print media continues to occupy a particular place in consumers’ hearts.

On the other hand, the printed material has been thoroughly reviewed to remove mistakes and ensure that the content is clear. This is why readers prefer printed material to digital media.

It was written with readers in mind and we hope that by now you must have learned exactly what is print media.

What is Print media?

Why is print still important?

If you work in marketing and are organizing your next campaign, chances are you have already planned a social media aspect that includes engaging posts, fascinating video uploads, and perhaps even a giveaway or two to increase interaction.

Maybe you have spent weeks planning an email campaign to reach those who do not use social media.

What about printed materials? And if you are perplexed by this question, you are not alone. 

However, many current marketers believe that print materials have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Consider this: 82% of customers say they believe in print advertisements the most when making a purchasing choice. When paired with digital marketing, print has the potential to boost the efficacy of internet efforts by 400%.

Are you still not convinced why is print still important? We have compiled four more reasons why print media is still vital in 2022. Let us investigate!

Why is print still important?

Print is concrete.

As in tangible. Printed brochures, leaflets, and booklets are actual advertisements that buyers can carry with them and refer to for weeks, months, or even years, as opposed to internet ads that may be skimmed through and soon forgotten or emails that may be deleted before they’re even viewed. 

This, in turn, keeps your company in users’ thoughts for far longer than a digital ad or email could.

Print is concrete

Print Media feels more trustworthy.

How many times have you received an email from an unknown brand and wondered if the company is reliable? It is likely to happen frequently.

On the other hand, running an ad in a physical magazine or newspaper provides your company with an aura of respectability that internet advertisements just cannot. This is due in part to the audience’s loyalty, which subscribes to the newspaper because they appreciate and/or trust it.

The print has a timeless quality about it. Because print has been around for generations—long before television and radio—it has an intrinsic sense of trustworthiness. 

Furthermore, holding a tangible brochure or booklet generates a sensory experience for the receiver, increasing the possibility that the printed content will be kept better than if seen online.

Print Media feels more trustworthy

Assists you in establishing your brand.

We all understand the importance of branding in the company, and print materials may assist develop a brand in ways that digital branding cannot.

The emotional value of printed text cannot be overstated. Consider your most recent buy from a high-end shop. Maybe the goods came in a branded box. When you open it, your item is wrapped in branded tissue and secured in place by a cleverly designed sticker, with a handwritten letter on branded stationery on top. 

Whereas these printed touches provide the receiver with a sensory experience that may quickly increase brand loyalty.

Assists you in establishing your brand.

Gets your business in front of your audience.

When generating print media, there is a clear advantage to collaborating with a competent print firm. 

Specifically, the seasoned specialists on staff who understand how to leverage demographic data to guarantee your products reach the proper audience. This is determined not just by your consumer demographics, but also by the sort of print material you produce. 

Do you require informative pamphlets? An eye-catching newspaper advertisement? At an industry event, do you need an exhibition stand that will stand out from the crowd?

Moreover, knowing how to use demographic information to create the best print materials for your requirements guarantees that your company’s information reaches individuals who are most likely to be interested in your products and/or services.

Hence, you might have gotten the answers to your queries about why print is still important. Why print is not dead? Is commercial print dead? 

We hope that this information is enough to justify your queries and the state that the print is still not yet dead.

Gets your business in front of your audience

Importance of toner.

To begin with, it is true that today printers, photocopiers, and other office equipment are available in a variety of forms and combinations. 

Among these alternatives, there are several mechanisms that may be employed to produce the product you want. Toner is not the same as ink, and it can produce high-quality prints quickly. Continue reading to discover the significance of Toner Is Not Dead.

Importance of toner

Differences Toner and Ink

Many people mix up toner with ink, but they are not the same thing. In reality, they are not even used in the same context. Toner is a powder that is mostly used in laser printing

In contrast, ink is the liquid that inkjet printers utilize. Although both are required for their respective printers to function effectively, they do so in quite different ways.

Differences Toner and Ink

High-Quality Printing.

If your workplace demands really high-quality printouts, a laser printer is most certainly the best option. Laser printers, as opposed to inkjet printers, employ toner to produce incredibly accurate prints owing to laser technology. 

Some ink and inkjet printer types may approach this level of print quality, but laser printers are often the most proficient. Furthermore, toner does not smear after the page has been printed.

High-Quality Printing.

Quick and Easy.

In today’s quick-paced society, time is always of the essence. Toner allows laser printers to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, so you will never have to worry about them holding up your business. 

Although, laser printers and toner are also capable of handling significant demands, which is always a plus in the workplace.

Quick and Easy

Toner Is Not Dead: Conclusion

Nevertheless, we are glad that you chose us to resolve your query about Toner Is Not Dead: Why Toner Still Matters and we hope that this article was quite helpful for you to learn the actual facts and figures.

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