Do you belong to the group of customers wondering where can I dispose of used toner cartridge?

If so, you may learn about the various ways for recycling printer cartridges on this blog. We all know how important this is for the environment.

In contrast, we aim to do our part to help the environment by recycling printer cartridges and inspiring our customers to do the same.

However, when recycling toner or ink cartridges, there are no restrictions on the types or brands of empty printer cartridges you may use, therefore we will show you how to accomplish so.

Where can I dispose of used toner cartridges?

Where Can I Dispose of Used Toner Cartridges

We all value minimizing our influence on the environment and disposing of used ink and toner cartridges. Each year, almost 350 million empty cartridges are discarded, having a horrifying effect on the environment.

Though there are a number of methods to recycle laser toners or inkjet cartridges, however, some recyclers will only accept empty cartridges from a pre-approved list, which excludes certain older original cartridges as well as any empty compatible or remanufactured cartridges.

This means that you’re not fulfilling your responsibilities as a socially conscious individual or organization. Usually, it’s because the cartridge can’t be recycled or reused, which can result in legal penalties or financial losses, or it’s due to the cost involved.

The three best techniques to answer your query about where can I dispose of used toner cartridges are as follows.

Instructions for recycling with a box collection service:

Where Can I Dispose of Used Toner Cartridges

Here is how to recycle a lot of empty toner cartridges:

  • Put your cartridges in a box and fill it up to a maximum weight of 25 kg.
  • Register for an account on Zero Waste Recycling.
  • Set up a box collection and pay the necessary costs.

* Please be aware that there is a small fee for box pickup, or you may organize your own transportation of the box to zero waste recycling if you like. Zero waste recycling is not linked with Toner Giant in any way, thus they are unable to set up this service on your behalf.

Instructions for recycling using a Freepost service:

Small numbers of unused inkjet cartridges may be recycled using a Freepost service. This is how:

  • You need just put your cartridges in a box (or the original packaging if you still have this)
  • Create an account on the Recycling Factory. In addition, you have the option of giving goods that are successfully recycled to charity.
  • Put their free shipping label on your package after downloading it.
  • Put the package in the mail (Important: please make sure that the box is no heavier than 750g)

Tips for disposing of used ink or toner at your neighborhood recycling facility or with the original printer manufacturers.

Although, you may bring your used ink and toner cartridges to the majority of local recycling facilities for recycling. The convenient postcode search feature on the Recycle Now website makes it simple to find the center that is nearest to you.

Recycling using the manufacturer’s own program for your original printer.

In addition, when you buy original ink and toner, you may utilize the recycling programs that the majority of original printer manufacturers provide for free. 

Furthermore, to arrange for returning your empty original ink or toner cartridges for recycling, locate your printer manufacturer below and click the relevant link.

HP planet partners with printer cartridge recycling.

However, using HP’s authorized recycling service, you can recycle your used inkjet or laser toner cartridges and be sure that nothing will end up in a landfill. 

For modest amounts of returns, HP offers the option to print postage and box labels. For larger quantities of items, you can also purchase a big recycling box or pickup.

Samsung Laser Toner Recycling

Since HP acquired the printing business from Samsung in 2017–2018, you may now recycle your empty original Samsung laser toners via the HP recycling program.

Brother Earth Free Ink & Toner Recycling

The greatest part of all is that Brother’s “Earth” recycling program is absolutely free to use and enables you to recycle inks, toners, drums, and even outdated printers. 

Nonetheless, like other companies, Brother Ink or toner cartridges recycling is done ethically, and you can be certain that nothing ends up in a landfill.

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program

Lexmark provides three options for organizing the recycling of your used cartridges.

First, you may package them yourself in the recycling bag provided with “Return Program Cartridges.”

Finally, you may arrange for a recycling box and have it picked up for free when it’s full. A box label can be printed out on the Lexmark website (for small volumes).

As well, there are other manufacturers who offer the service of discarding of ink and toner cartridges but those mentioned above are the most common ones.

Hence, these are the three best techniques you might need to consider while learning where can I dispose of used toner cartridges


However, if you have many printers, the number of used or outdated printer cartridges may soon mount up. So for your convenience, we have structured this article.

Furthermore, we have provided you with a number of simple choices to help you with your inquiry about where can I dispose of used toner cartridges, and we really hope that they were helpful.

Last but not the least, do not forget to give us your thoughtful comments.

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Are toner cartridges OK for recycling?

Printers and toners are considered WEEE waste (Wasted Electrical and Electronic Equipment) as they are not made of biodegradable materials. Don’t place used goods in your recycling container.

Is the environment harmed by printer toner?

In addition to the petroleum oil and non-biodegradable plastic casing present in certain ink and toner cartridges, the compounds in printer ink have the potential to be exceedingly damaging to the environment. 

Is HP toner hazardous?

In general, the oral toxicity of HP inks is modest. It is unlikely that significant differences will exist amongst HP printing supplies due to use trends and cartridge design. What would happen if someone had HP ink on their skin for an extended length of time? When used as intended, HP inks are secure.

Are toner cartridges permitted at the landfill?

They are also collected by a lot of organizations, and giving them to one of their shops is frequently simple. If all else fails, you ought to be able to take them to your neighborhood recycling facility, since most of them now accept them. The same organizations that collect the cartridges also frequently collect toner cartridges.

Can a toner-collecting device be simply emptied?

The toner collecting unit is made to only be used once. Never try to reuse the toner collection unit after emptying it. By doing this, there may be toner spillage inside the product, which could lower the print quality.

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