You have a printer at home that consumes a significant amount of ink. You probably are not aware that instead of dumping away empty ink cartridges, you may make money by selling used ink cartridges. It’s the right place if you have been looking for the easiest way to sell used ink cartridges.

So if you are looking to sell your used ink cartridges for cash, read on to find out How can I sell my ink cartridges and who will buy them both in-person and online, as well as some practical advice on how to make money from them.

On Super image Ltd, you can sell used ink cartridges.

  • Super image Ltd looks to be the most popular site for selling used ink cartridges. They cost somewhere between $3 and $5. If you are selling the ink cartridges yourself, it is critical that you adhere to the best practices for selling on Super image Ltd.
  • If you are utilizing unused ink cartridges, for example, make sure you provide the manufacturer and model numbers.
  • Super image Ltd wants to know if the cartridges are black or a specific color or both, therefore, include the color. Include some clear images, such as photos showing the model number from the side.

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Some people want to refill and sell their own ink cartridges. It can take a long time to refill ink cartridges on your own. It can, however, be a profitable company if you have access to a large number of empty ink cartridges, either through personal use or through your business or workplace.

If you wish to sell refilled ink cartridges on Super image Ltd, follow the same Super image Ltd guidelines we discussed earlier. Also, make sure they are sealed and shipped safely.

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To promote recycling, sell them.

How can I sell my ink cartridges
  • Recycling is a corporation that specializes in electronic equipment recycling and reselling. They are headquartered in Illinois and produce approximately 2 million ink cartridges per month.
  • Evolve offers a simple, turnkey platform that allows you to profit from your spent ink cartridges. You must first register for a free account on the evolve recycling website.
  • Then, using the free shipping label, gather your empty ink cartridges and mail them to evolve. You have the option of printing the label or having it shipped to you. Before you can send in your cartridges, you must have at least 20 of them.
  • We exclusively purchase genuine name-brand supplies and pay fair surplus ink and toner pricing. You can sell us any quantity of ink or toner as long as it is in excellent shape and wrapped in the original retail box.


There is no doubt that the primary motivation for our clients to tell us their excess supply is to make money.

However, in addition to putting money in your pocket, selling surplus printer supplies can help the environment by lowering the quantity of plastic and toxic ink waste, clearing away clutter in your home or workplace, and avoiding frustration while trying to install the wrong toner in your new printer.

All ink or toner cartridges must be packaged in their original, unopened retail packaging and product photos must appropriately portray the retail packaging that the Super Image Ltd will receive. Sellers are not allowed to list ink toner cartridges in their original factory packing or in open boxes.

All ink and toner products must be fully functional and free of faults that could render them unusable or cause printer damage.


Is it possible to sell empty ink cartridges?

Yes, many buyers accept both unused and empty ink cartridges, so you can still make money even if your cartridges are empty.

How do I determine the value of my ink cartridges?

Check the brand, model, and condition of your ink cartridges. Online marketplaces often provide tools to help you estimate their value.

Can I sell expired ink cartridges?

Some buyers may accept expired ink cartridges, but it’s essential to disclose the expiration date to potential buyers.

Are there eco-friendly options for selling ink cartridges?

Absolutely, consider recycling programs offered by printer manufacturers or eco-conscious platforms that promote the reuse of cartridges.

What precautions should I take when shipping ink cartridges?

Securely package the cartridges to prevent leaks or damage during transit; use bubble wrap and seal the package carefully.

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